Stefano De Martino, has his new ‘flame’…

Stefano De Martino presents his newflame on his profile on social. In the Stories of Instagram about the new flame is ironic in its own way, with a lighter lit in hand. This is the only ‘fire’ on it. No passion: the 27-year-old is absolutely single.

Stefano De Martino show on the social his ‘new flame’…

Rumors tell of a possible rapprochement with Emma Brown, the former left for Belen Rodriguez. Who has published in the number in newspaper stand photos, depicting Stefano De Martino in Capri, during the Vip Champion 2017, in the company of Desiree Popper first and as girl in madrid Mello then. Immediately they thundered items of likely liaison in the bud. Instead, thenew flame is not there. Does not exist. The neapolitan does it know so, almost scherzandoci on.


No new flame, and then, for Stefano De Martino. The star of Friends these days is travel. probably not the only one. We ask ourselves, always, in fact, those shots of the picture which then shares on the netowrk. And’ party in the car, passing through France, and arrived in Spain. Yesterday was in Barcelona.

The dancer is ironic to reiterate that it is still single

A touring holiday to the whole thing so much loved by the girls and that, after Belen, has not been found that can steal the heart. Rodriguez, interviewed, assured that you have a new life. “It will happen”, he said.

His only love at the moment is the son of Santiago

Given the young age of Stefano De Martino there are few doubts. In the meantime, he reiterates his momentary solitude, in which it seems, however, to be joyful and satisfied. Most of all happy, with her son Santiago in the heart.


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