The Voice, who wanted the head of M. Pokora ?

The Voice, who wanted the head of M. Pokora ? 15/06/2017 at 14:30 Asked by Gala, a member of the production of The Voice, balance on Mr. Pokora, who is supposed to not have found its place within the tele-hook of the first chain.

“M Pokora has never managed to integrate. The other coaches accused him of being too personal and to think of what the show can provide. He thought more to sell records and profit for his tour, ” said a source close to the production who spoke on condition of anonymity.

“It may be that some were afraid that he steals the show, they wanted to get rid of him so that this doesn’t make the shadow,” continued the same source.

After this time, Mr. Pokora has not managed to find its place within the show.
He would have found himself in the sights of the other coaches.

The members of the production team believe that Matt Pokora has not taken the place he was in the show “.

“And even if Lisandro has won the bet, Matt was not sufficiently conspicuous to the eyes of the professionals of the small screen,” says this close.

Further clarification is then provided by this source informed. Then, taking advantage of its full discretion, or purely and simply ousted ?
Still according to Here, the production and TF1 already have a favorite.
“Nothing is signed yet but 99%, Christophe Maé will sit in the chair to warm the atmosphere and to boost up the hearings,” says a source of the show of TF1.

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