Twitter is changing their look and improving navigation

Twitter is changing their look in order to make its navigation easier.

You are without a doubt numerous enough to have noticed that Twitter has made a new skin. Then some (I will name person of the writing, and especially not Omar) will always be bitching about the fact that it was better before. Personally, I find this new interface is significant for several reasons.

As for the design, the icons have a side that is a little more graphic and lighter. The arrow to reply to a tweet has disappeared in favour of a small bubble of conversation, which is more intuitive and more consistent with the habits. The typography has also been revised and the titles are in bold to attract attention.

New interface of Twitter

Profile photos, or ” PP ” are now rounded, which gives a little more readability, and more importantly, which works wonderfully with our logo FrAndroid.

twandroid, the official account of FrAndroid on Twitter

The tweets are updated instantly, displaying the number of responses, likes and retweets which allows you to follow up on the implementation of conversations in real-time. Finally, the access to the Profile to the other accounts, the general settings and privacy has been together in one and the same place thanks to a side menu, which lightens a little the application. This is already present on Android for over a year, it is now available for the iOS version.

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