Video presentation – Jaguar XF Sportbrake 2017 : the chic and safe

2015 was presented to the Jaguar XF, a second generation, the purpose of which was to give back arms to the mark to compete with the manufacturers premium germans. After several years of existence, the balance is rather positive, and it is time to continue the offensive in the segment of large road with the declination break called the Sportbrake.

The filiation between the sedan and the break is obvious. It is hardly surprising to have a front identical, but the designers sometimes like to differentiate the models at the level of the rear lights. None of that here, and we find exactly the same form of optic, including a band of chrome for the link.

         <figure><img src="" alt="La Jaguar XF Sportbrake avoisine les 5 mètres de long." /><figcaption>The Jaguar XF Sportbrake is approximately 5 meters long.</figcaption>  </figure><p>It is the fall of the flag that marks the main feature of the Jaguar XF Sportbrake. If she was very inclined on the sedan, here it is more vertical, for the benefit, of course, of the loading volume. A black bezel on the tailgate, however, allows us to give a more dynamic trompe l'oeil, simulating a tilt most important. The third side window should be a pledge of good rear visibility. In the meantime all loses can be in the sporting aspect, but remains elegant and statutory.</p> <figure><img src="" alt="Le volume de chargement est dans la moyenne de la catégorie mais reste inférieur à celui de la Mercedes Classe E break" /><figcaption>The load volume is in the category average, but still less than the Mercedes E-Class estate</figcaption>  </figure><p>The trunk is of course the most important point of the self. An effort has been made on the load threshold, which is low and well square, in order to facilitate the positioning of baggage and other furniture. The volume is 565 litres to 1,700 litres of loading, bench and passenger seat folded down. This is little compared to a Mercedes E-Class estate which boasts between 640 and 1 820 litres, but very close to a BMW Serie 5 Touring (570 - 1 700 liters). At a practical level, we note the presence of storage with nets on the sides, of a rail, in order to compartmentalize the space provided, luggage net, and a retractable removable that can be concealed under the floor. The classic of course, but it is functional all the same. On the back seat, she can handle herself with the buttons accessible from the trunk, and folds down according to a format 40/20/40. These orders, unfortunately, are not electric.</p> <p>A break does not claim that load large objects, but it can also haul heavy loads. The Sportbrake promises as well to be able to tow up to two tonnes, enough to why not travel his horse in his box mobile. Some items will allow him / her to face up to this task with more ease and security, in the image of the 4-wheel drive, or the coefficient of aerodynamics of 0.29. Suspensions rear are pneumatic, allowing to keep a stable trim, even in the case of heavy loads, or a massive trailer. Too bad it is not adjustable to lower the base in order to facilitate the loading of heavy objects.</p> <figure><img src="" alt="Pas de changement de la planche de bord identique à celle de la berline." /><figcaption>No change of the dashboard is identical to that of the sedan.</figcaption>  </figure><p>Has edge, it should be noted especially the availability of a panoramic roof that can be controlled without button, by a simple movement of the wrist in the air. Other elements that are more conventional are present in the image of a detector of fatigue, a key to smart and water-resistant, or a system of filtration/ionization of the indoor air.</p> <p>Level motor, the range is headed by a gasoline V6 380ch that will propel this break in 5.5 sec. from 0 to 100 km/h but this engine unfortunately will be reserved in all markets except Europe. For lovers of diesel, the engine roaring, it will be the V6 3.0-liter 300-hp, the latter performing the 0 to 100 km/h in 6.6 s. The full range will also include 4-cylinder (four in number), ranging from 163 hp to 250 hp, with a release a minimum of 118 g/km of CO2. These engines will have to move a vehicle of 4, 955 meters, of which the weight begins to 1 660 kg for a structure making extensive use of aluminum.</p> <figure><img src="" alt="Présentation vidéo - Jaguar XF Sportbrake 2017 : du chic et du coffre" />  </figure><p>The prices were not disclosed for the moment, but they are expected to oscillate between 44 320 € (entry-level) and 62 000 €. The Jaguar XF Sportbrake will be officially unveiled at the next Frankfurt motor show. First deliveries will be made in the month of November.

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