Volkswagen : a head arrested for drug possession

Be a senior leader of a German manufacturer abroad, this is not an easy job. You can even end up struggling with the law of that country. For a variety of reasons. Personal behavior, such as a clutch of Mercedes in China returned to their homes after an altercation having ripped about ostracisant. Sometimes, it is the fault of their company, as a part of Volkswagen stopped in the United States in the framework of the ” dieselgate “. But the same decision makers may be guilty of addiction. And the head of Volkswagen in Japan.

Of course, it is necessary to take precautions, as the investigation is ongoing. But it appears that a representative of Volkswagen in Japan has been arrested for drug possession. The manufacturer has also responded to the fact : “we deeply regret that an employee of our company has been placed in police custody for personal reasons“.

Volkswagen has even stated : “we will cooperate fully in the investigation and will take the necessary measures as soon as the facts have been clarified“. The respondent called Thomas Siebert, 53 years old, and he works for the industry of the japanese coat of arms of Wolfsburg since 2010.

HE was controlled positive during a test designed to detect the consumption of drugs and has admitted to use of cocaine. The authorities had been alerted by dispatch of a suspicious packet at his home in Tokyo.

Japan has very strict legislation on the matter. Two years ago, the American Julie Hamp, director of communication of Toyota, had been arrested on suspicion of illegal importation of a pain in Japan. She had finally been released after three weeks detention. Not easy, really, to practice his profession abroad…

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