When Putin proposes the'asylum to James Comey

Not a word. Three days after the protests in 150 cities of the country to the appeal of the opponent Alexei Navalny and the arrest of 1 720 people, Vladimir Putin has chosen to act as if they had never occurred. Just has he touched upon the subject by suggesting to the opposition of ” propose solutions to address the problems “, rather than delve into the opinion. The fifteenth in the direct line held between the Russian president and the people has yet lasted 3 hours and 56 minutes. A meeting during which Putin has been Putin. In front of a notepad, a pen and two pens of wood, the head of the Kremlin listened to the grievances of his fellow-citizens selected by the public tv channel.

And like every other time, he promised to resolve the individual situations, Andrei, Tatiana, Igor and all the others allowed to ask him a question from their distant locality. Ending sometimes his answer by a ” leave your details, we’ll stay in contact “.

I’ll come and I’ll meet you personally

With a resident complaining that they never received compensation after the flooding of his home, Putin leaves pierce his annoyance. “But the sums were allocated from the federal budget. You would have had to receive 10 000 rubles, and 100 000 rubles. “The same woman telling that he called for the money to complete the documents, Putin is threatening the local authorities in its own way :” I am sure that you will receive the visit of the governor of Stavropol today. ”

In the Face of other villagers, exposing the state of disrepair of their dwellings, and the promises of reconstruction ever met, he was surprised again. “But we have provided a budget. “And then, no longer,” this is unbearable, I’ll come and I’ll meet you personally “. The host of the show to cite corruption among the primary concerns of the population.

Political asylum for James Comey

In the international arena, Putin has also shown such as himself. Thus, in the middle of a speech on the future of the shipyards, he suddenly mentioned the presence of u.s. submarines in the north of Norway, whose missiles are capable to reach Moscow in fifteen minutes. In case his opinion would forget the dangers of american imperialism… He has also handled the irony in respect of the former head of the FBI James Comey, dismissed by Donald Trump in the framework of the case about a possible interference with Russian in the us presidential campaign. “If an investigation is opened against him, we are ready to grant him political asylum in Russia. ”

Finally, on theUkraine, the Russian president mocked his counterpart, mr poroshenko and his desire for rapprochement withEurope. “If someone wants to become a true European, he begins to close his offshore accounts. ”

The appointment media of Putin, usually very formal, has, however, suffered an inconvenience : SMS messages are displayed live on the screen, rather explicit. Examples ? “Three presidential terms, it is enough ! “” When will you violate the Constitution ? “But of the sensitive issues it has not been a question…

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