Already sold out, the Scénic 4 is selling poorly ? Renault responds to Caradisiac

A few months after its launch, the new Scénic enjoys a big squeeze-Argus + 4 000 €. This has attracted our attention : the sales are not up to expectations ? We contacted Renault for more information.

This is who we were rather surprised at the moment of our newspaper promotions of June. This month, the range Scénic benefits from a squeeze-Argus + 4 000 €. For us, this is surprising because, since its relaunch with the Clio 4 (end of 2012), the Diamond is no longer really in the habit of selling its models in its advertisements.

So yes, it was still possible to enjoy beautiful discounts by negotiating with the sellers, but the builder used very rarely discounts a public manner to attract the world in the concessions, a way to preserve the value of the car. Instead, like many other of our days, Renault prefers to put in before the lease offers with small monthly rent.

Lure customers during the doors open

For the Scénic, it is all the more intriguing that the model is very recent. And generally, it is not necessary to sell off a vehicle that was released a few months ago. The Scénic 4 short is in the garages from September 2016 and the long-joined in January 2017. The promo betrays a lack of popularity to minivans, compact Renault ? Despite its redesign to make it more sexy, the Scénic there happens more to fight in the face of the crossovers ? We wanted to learn more by contacting Renault.

The brand explains that the timing for the launch of the promo ” is quite common “. The Diamond we said that it had been the same for the Megane, even if the first offer for the compact took the form of a rental operation Easy Pack, with four years of warranty and maintenance available. But why would a nice discount on the Scénic ? Renault does not hide ” this offer should attract the world in the concessions on the occasion of the open doors days “. Organized on June 17 and 18, so they should help fill the order books before the summer months are traditionally more quiet. And then Renault is honest ” segment mpvs compact suffers with the SUV “.

Delays due to a subcontractor

It is true that this was the big question mark for this fourth generation. Minivans traditional are neglected to the benefit of the adventurers, more trends. Some brands have made the choice. At Peugeot, the 5008 is now an SUV in the modularity push. The side of Renault, no question of abandoning the Scénic, the backbone of the range which benefits from a good base of loyal followers. But the firm has adapted and has injected a dose of crossover in the recipe. And to retain the fans of SUV, it also offers a parallel for 2015, the Kadjar.

The brand is confident about the sales figures of the Scénic, even if she prefers to wait until the end of 2017 to draw a balance sheet. The startup has been slow, due to supply problems on the part of a subcontractor. An element of the door was missing, a lot of copies so they had to wait on the parking lots of the Douai factory before being finished and then shipped. Renault assures us, ” today the problem is solved “.

The situation unlocked, the sales grew from month to month. It can be seen in the table below : the registration is off between April and may. And according to Renault, ” they will be strong enough in June, there is a catch-up effect. We took the head of the segment in France, which was one of our goals “. With 18.000 models sold from January to may, the Scénic has also taken his distances with the Kadjar (13 334 deliveries). As Peugeot and the 3008, Renault note also a beautiful application for versions high. This is why the offer will be enhanced to the new school year with theInitial Bets.

Sales figures monthly

Month/Models Renault Scénic and Grand Scénic Citroën C4 Picasso and Grand C4 P.
January 3 369 2 772
February 2 453 3 234
March 3 195 4 237
April 3 621 3 730
May 6 469 4 029

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