And if Apple was guilty of the absence of a fingerprint sensor from Sony in the United States ?

The fingerprint sensor of the Sony smartphone is disabled through software in the United States. Would this be the fault of Apple ?

Fingerprint reader the Xperia XZ Premium

At the end of 2015, Sony launched the Xperia Z5, the first smartphone from the brand to integrate a fingerprint sensor. Unlike its competition that the perspective on the front facade (Samsung, OnePlus…), or rear (Huawei, LG…), the giant nippon has taken the party to put its fingerprint sensor on the wafer, even within the ON/OFF button.

A sensor absent in the USA

However, in the United States, the smartphones of the Japanese are devoid of this feature, disabled in software so that the component is indeed present. Sony has expressed on the subject in march, explaining that this restriction was due to a partnership with an american actor who was unable to sell the Xperia with a fingerprint sensor.

          <p>                     <strong>Read more :</strong> Test du Sony Xperia XZ Premium : a slow motion gadget in a... </p>              <p>The details of this contract and the mysterious partner were not disclosed, but a new theory points to an issue while another, this time concerning a company that is well known : Apple.</p>  <h2>The priority of the patent</h2> <p>The USPTO, u.s. office of patents and trademarks, has just published a patent belonging to Apple about a fingerprint sensor integrated into the power button of the iPhone. There is a button on which you can rely, situated on the edge of the device and concealing the biometric sensor in question.</p> <a href="" rel="noreferrer" target="_blank"><img src="" /></a><p>Source : PatentlyApple</p> <p>Although recently published, the patent has been filed by the firm of Cupertino in the second quarter of 2015, is only a few months before the release of Xperia Z5. The <em>timing</em> is tight and the sales of Xperia smartphones is pretty limited on the north american continent, that would explain the decision of Sony to just disable the fingerprint reader software.</p> <p>For the moment, however, it is only a theory that has not been confirmed by Sony.</p>  <h2>A clue for the iPhone 8 ?</h2> <p>The various rumors about the iPhone 8 suggests that the next smartphone top of the range Apple does not have home button, leaving more space on the screen, like the Samsung Galaxy S8 or the LG G6. Several solutions are then possible to replace the fingerprint reader Touch ID, which will be located to the rear of the phone, be integrated into the display or, as indicated in this patent, the power button. We should learn more in the coming months.</p> <p>PhAndroid

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