Audi: back on the electric…without neglecting the diesel

Audi is listed as a key player in the championship of Formula E, on which it relies to promote its range of e-tron. On the occasion of the ePrix of berlin, Caradisiac was able to learn more about the ambitions of the brand in the field of sport and standard models.

The races of Formula E offer beautiful tussles. For the ePrix of Berlin, the circuit has been traced on the runways of the airport, disused Tempelhof.

Go hop, in the direction of Berlin ! It is there, in the airport’s disused Tempelhof, in the middle of the city, as Audi has invited Caradisiac to attend the events of Formula E which were held on 10 and 11 June last (two races). No need to expand here on the sports results of our host, if this is to remember that with a pole position and two podiums for the team ABT Schaeffler Audi Sport, this one will have significantly reduced its behind the leader Renault e. dams, already double champion. “It was a great weekend “, will summarize the brazilian driver Lucas di Grassi, the leader of the team ABT and second in the championship.

This short immersion in the scenes of a top team has been interesting for several reasons. The first is that it demonstrates that the Formula E is a discipline in constant progression: on a same track, the cars run two to three seconds faster than during the first season in 2014. It is still far away from the Formula 1, but the electric racing cars are not meant to supplant the class-queen. Anyway, if you have not already done so, we invite you to view broadcasts of events or summaries on the Internet , during which you will be able to observe fights, overruns, and all the facts of the race are the salt of the motor sport. Lack of course the chants mechanical, even from the edge of the track the cars are not as quiet as one might expect, between the noise of the electric motors and the suspension. Regarding the change of battery mid-race, which it is tempting to gloat, it is a key element of strategy, and adds to the suspense. In short, the Formula E is a show that deserves to be known.

Allan McNish, project coordinator for the Audi in Formula E: “from season 5, things will move, everything will be new!”

Such at least is the opinion of many car manufacturers investing discipline. Thus, the team ABT Schaeffler Audi Sport to become the official team Audi from the next season. The manufacturer bataillera so particularly during the next season, the fourth, with Renault, DS and Jaguar. Beautiful displays, waiting for the serious things in season 5 (which will mark the arrival of BMW). “The engines will have their power significantly increased, while the batteries will last the whole race. The aerodynamic improvements will reduce the drag, and this is the power free. The cars will go faster and farther. Things will move, everything will be new, “said the scottish driver Allan McNish, coordinator of the project of the brand in Formula E. “In fact, the progression of the cars of Formula E is comparable to that observed with diesel engines at le Mans, “explains the double winner of the event sarthoise.

Diesel, always

This investment is part of the framework of the strategy for electrification of Audi, e-tron is destined to expand in the months and years to come. In addition to the engines plug-in hybrid available on some models, the brand will offer in 2019, an SUV is 100% electric prefigured by the concept e-tron Sportback. However, what could be better than the competition automobile to support a product plan bold? Another advantage of this discipline, its costs are significantly lower than those of endurance: a season of Formula E would represent less than a third of the cost of the commitment at the 24 Hours of le Mans race, Audi has won 13 times between 2000 and 2014 (!) before withdrawing completely, leaving the field free to his cousin Porsche (which is rumored to be interested also in the Formula (E).

Un SUV 100% électrique dérivé du concept e-tron Sportback arrivera dans la gamme Audi en 2019.
A SUV is a 100% electric derived from the concept e-tron Sportback will be in the range Audi in 2019.

So far, no issue for Audi to turn the back to the engines heat, or even diesel. Interviewed by Caradisiac on the future of the TDI at Audi, Dr. Peter Mertens, recently appointed as a member of the board of the manufacturer, assures us : “in ten years, Audi will still diesel engines in its range, at least for the family and of the road “. Even if it was permitted to doubt it, the TDI is not cooked.

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