Bella Hadid as a couple, with Jordan Barrett, she speaks on their relationship

Recently, Bella Hadid, and Jordan Barrett would be as a couple ! The young woman has recently been expressed about their relationship.

                                         The last few months have been difficult for Bella Hadid following his break with The Weeknd. The young woman has suffered much, especially after having learned that her ex-boyfriend had found love in the arms of Selena Gomez. However, the model american would have to smile anew. A few days ago, you revealed that Bella Hadid had a new boyfriend and she was completely hooked. Since their stay in Cannes during the Festival, the young woman and the dummy australian Jordan Barrett, is not leave more. Both have been seen very close and very complicit on several occasions and it would appear that they spend more and more time together. Recently, Bella Hadid has spoken about his relationship with Jordan Barrett via his Twitter account.</p>                                             <p>If Bella Hadid has been sighted especially close to Jordan Barrett, the top american has stated via social networks that the model australian was not his boyfriend. "J is like a brother to me buhh it just ruined the surprise.", she said via Twitter. It would seem that the two models have therefore relations more fraternal than romantic. But the young woman she said true or is trying to protect ? After his break with The Weeknd, Bella Hadid is reportedly fears that Jordan Barrett crushes the heart and does so may not be formalized. However, it has also been found to be very close to another man, british boxer Anthony Joshua. If Bella Hadid is not in a relationship with Jordan Barrett, this does not mean that it is still a heart to take. And according to you, Bella Hadid, is it a couple ? 

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