Brad Pitt : The incredible surprises to his children for father’s day !

Brad Pitt has decided to spend father’s day under the sign of fun ! The plans of the actor for this great opportunity have been released, and it’s pretty awesome !

                                         After their divorce, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie would stop their career for their children. If they do not leave Hollywood forever, the two actors plan to make a small pause for the sake of their family. While Angelina Jolie transforms his home into a place very fun for his little tribe, Brad Pitt plans to spoil his children on the occasion of the feast of the fathers that will take place this Sunday. For this special day, the actor simply wants to spend time with his children. Thus, it has planned an unforgettable day in which his children should be a lot fun so that they can keep the smile. "Brad wants to spend father's day laughing and playing with his children.", has explained a source close to the actor to the website Hollywood Life.</p>                                            <p>Brad Pitt is a father, ultra cool ! It has planned a series of activities for its children do not get bored for a single second. "Brad likes to get its hands dirty with the children and their best moments together are when they play outside. He plans a whole day of events including a war of paintball epic and competition of skateboarding on a big ramp in the back yard. He wants to compensate for the fact that the children help for the barbecue dinner. Mostly, he just wants to be surrounded by them this weekend after what has been his year the more difficult as a father and man.", has added the source. This seems really fun ! Brad Pitt is now fit and happy. While he was celebrating his sobriety, this weekend should be a new breath of fresh air for the actor. And you, what do you think of the plans of Brad Pitt ? 

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