Chiara Biasi attacks the influencers, Sonia Lorenzini replication

Chiara Biasi attacks the influencers. Are the girls of Men and Women to feel affected, Sonia Lorenzini replication via social.

Chiara Biasi on the social attacks the influencers

Attacks the influencers who promote products on the network to get them to buy to followers. Chiara Biasi on his Stories on Instagram it goes down hard, and Sonia Lorenzini replication, does not stay to watch.

The fashion blogger launches barbs at those who promote products on the web

Web users believe that Chiara Biasi when attacking the influencer has it also to many other ex-Throne Classic, such as Giulia De Lellis and Eleonora Rocchini. “However, with these video selling on Instagram you make me die hahaha”, you know on the social.

The blogger has then continued: “let me explain one thing… the creams miraculous does NOT EXIST. (the magic and the herbal tea, blessed.) Creams and me do to prepare, privately. By professionals. Those of the centers of aesthetics, supermarkets, perfumeries, etc can help to mitigate the problem, to help in the resolution.. but it does not solve anything. And the clowns leave them in their broth. Their earn in the you to buy certain products, and would sell his mother to get two lire”.

Sonia Lorenzini replication, without hairs on the tongue

The arrow cross to the influencers of Chiara Biasi replication Sonia Lorenzini. The former tronista never had a problem to answer. The girlfriend of Emmanuel Mauti picks up a old post which was written by Clare a little while ago: “please spend it on, and spend down trust, etc etc.. said the one who wrote: certain people I would follow even if the shit….. in the head! Then, of course, follow ALL of these person that doesn’t hurt”. The girl knows how to hit hard.

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