Colombia : l'union of 3 men polyamoureux officially recognized

“A family polyamoureuse. “It is as well as define Manuel, Alejandro and Victor in a video of the media colombian city of rome. The three Colombians have been living together for a long time and come to officially recognize their union with a civil law notary in Medellin.

In 2000, John Alejandro Rodríguez, physical educator, and Manuel José Bermúdez, journalist and communicator, were the first same-sex couple in Colombia to unite in front of a notary, several years before the legalization of gay marriage, which occurred in April 2016. Their relationship is then extended to two other people, Alex Esneider Zabala and Victor Hugo Prada, the latter being a student in dramatic art.

Following the death of Alex in 2013, the three men have encountered difficulties concerning the distribution of legal insurance-life and property that their companion had left behind. It was only last may that they have obtained the division of the pension in the first instance. The time and complications have brought awareness to Alejandro, Victor and Manuel from the need to provide turn out to be legal in their relationship polyamoureuse.

The official recognition of the polyamour

Last June 3, at 10 o’clock in the morning, the three Colombians have signed at the notary a paper entitled ” Constitution of the patrimonial regime of the trieja “, developed by Germán Humberto Rincón Perfetti, a lawyer who has worked for the legalization of the union between Alejandro and Manuel in 2000.

The document gives a twist legal ” trieja “, the trio polyamoureux : it provides for a sharing of goods and life insurance if one of the three members leaves or dies. This notary act also gives the trio the status of the family according to article 42 of the colombian Constitution, according to which ” the family […] is formed […] by a free decision of a man and a woman to contract marriage or by the will responsibility to be compliant “. It is this last provision that drew the three men.

The trieja ha hecho de su amor poliamoroso a estilo de vida y este paso legal abrirá la puerta para otras familias

— Manuel José Bermúdez (@comunicadorCiud) June 11, 2017

A militant act

Through this act of legalization, the “three husbands” intend to prove the possibility of the existence of a type of a different family based on love and mutual. Manual is explained in the Spanish-language media on the concept of polyamour. “Polyamour, this means that as a human being I can love more than one person. Historically, we have been taught that when someone falls in love and marries, the love and the desire for other people off and this is stupid. “(CNN in Spanish) ” a Lot of people dream of polyamour, but they never come to fruition. For me, it is a way of responding to situations of practical life “, he confided to the website colombian Kienyke.

The trio claims a right to be happy and to not be ashamed of their atypical situation. “We don’t want to be a model family, but to show people that not any family can be happy, and if we marry, it is to live a happy life, not to suffer “, report Manual on Kienyke.


The notary act of June 3, is a first step towards a legislation on the polyamour ? In a British still very attached to the values and catholic traditions, the reactions were not slow to make themselves heard. The member of parliament and a great defender of the family Angela Hernandez has stated in a post on his page Facebook : “It is quite deplorable the moral decadence that we have reached. […] The defenders of the family, we are summoned, it is time to raise the tone. “It took 16 years for the recognition of gay marriage : the battle of Manuel, Víctor and Alejandro is not yet won.

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