Fiat Chrylser : problem of triggering of air bags in the United States

Between Fiat-Chrysler and the airbags, it is a relationship under pressure that will inflate the waiting list in the workshops of the concessions. Because dysfunction in this area leads to campaigns of recalls, which primarily concern the United States. And it is sometimes a puzzle. Because, if for some models of the group, were recalled because the triggering of the airbags is controversial, for others, it calls a reason of a doubt exactly the opposite.

A month ago, the automotive group Fiat-Chrysler has recalled no less than 1.25 million of its models because of a malfunctioning software may temporarily disable the deployment of the side airbag and the seatbelt pretensioners security. This time, it was 297 000 cars that are going to take the path to the garage. But because an electrical problem is likely to trigger the opening inappropriate airbags.

This recall affects 2011 and 2012 models of the Dodge Grand Caravan and this electrical problem has made 13 minor injuries, said the builder Italian-american. It will be recalled that the group also has entangled the United States in a case of ” dieselgate “. But on this subject, which has cost so dear to Volkswagen, the boss Sergio Marchionne is serene : he has indeed done do not expect not to a complaint, filed in the United States on the existence of a software vitiating the performance of its cars under the emissions standards, will have an impact on its goals of 2018.

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