Hyundai : other sport “N” to come out in 2018

2017 is a landmark year for Hyundai, which will officially launch its first sports model under the name “N”, which is roughly the equivalent of Renault Sport at the Korean manufacturer. But Hyundai has already planned to follow it with a second auto to come as early as next year, which could be more powerful than the i30 N.

Hyundai already sees the sequence of events in relation to the output of the first sports models. It is, in any case, said the head of the division N at Hyundai to our colleagues of Coach. Albert Biermann has explained that Hyundai had a good idea of the outputs coming from the side of dynamic models for two or three years to come, and this passes through a second new feature is already planned for next year.

This year, Hyundai will present thei30 N, a version spicy of the compact Korean with about 275 hp and what looks like a very good chassis, all the more that it is a former BMW Motorsport is at the controls of Hyundai N.

This is not all, because next year, we could have a second version of the i30, much more powerful and inspired by the very muscular concept RN30 that we have discovered in Geneva. Hyundai would then be the diagram of that Ford sells two Focus sports : the ST and the more wicked RS.

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