Lexus : amazing advertising for the autonomous car

While everyone is running for the autonomous car, Lexus has chosen a small cross-foot wonder in a commercial, as the brand is part of a group (Toyota) that work, precisely, to the development of this technology.

But is it well spent by the head of the marketing teams of Lexus Canada ? The brand has recently published a very interesting advert for the new IS (or rather, the new vintage), and Lexus of Canada wished to put the accent on driving pleasure. A good thing for a sedan like the IS, except that Lexus has chosen to make this fun driving in parallel of the autonomous control.

“Experience the passion behind the wheel. While there is still time”. Here are the words used by Lexus to close this short tv spot where we see the man move the steering wheel of the ITB with a small smile at the cabin of a futurist car, without a steering wheel.
It is still necessary to recall that the Toyota group is part of the players cars the world’s major to be invested in the automobile. Lexus is the division premium from Toyota, we can imagine that the first elements of autonomous control will arrive on the Lexus. Funny way to sell them, in any case !

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