L'Russian army has said it killed the leader of the group islamic State ?

The group islamic State may have lost its main leader. The Russian army announced this Friday, the 16th of June began checks to find out if Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi had been killed by a strike, which she completed on 28 may near Raqqa in Syria. The shots were aimed a meeting between several of the leaders of the group jihadist. “According to the information that we seek to verify through various channels, the leader of the islamic State Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was at the meeting and has been eliminated in the bombing,” said the Russian Defence ministry in a press release, stating that the Americans had been warned of the operation.

According to the press release, the command of the Russian military contingent in Syria “received end of may information on the required suburb in the south of Raqqa for a meeting of leaders of the terrorist organization islamic State”. “The verification of the information has allowed to establish that the purpose of this meeting was the organization of convoys of output for the fighters of al-Raqqa via the ‘southern corridor’,” says the Russian army.

After a reconnaissance flight of a drone, aircraft, Su-34 and Su-35 have carried out air strikes on the 28th of may in the night. In total, the Russian army claims to have killed several “senior leaders” of the AR, a “thirty war chiefs, and up to 300 fighters”.

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