Manuela Arcuri, the socialite at the cocktail Horses: photos

Manuela Arcuri, 40 years old, participated in the cocktail presentation of the new line eyewear Roberto Cavalli in Rome.

Manuela Arcuri at the presentation of the new line eyewear Roberto Cavalli

The actress, in great shape, for the cocktail she chose to wear a yellow dress and black reaching up to the knee. At the foot wore a pair of sandals black really fashion. The hair has them tied up in a half tail, a hairstyle that left uncovered her face perfectly made up. The mise, in short, was flawless. And the dress highlighted her perfect form.
Manuela Arcuri has appeared smiling and serene face to the flash of the photographers. The look off well tied in with his aspect of the sun. When, three years ago, is now the mother of the little Mattia, the actress, if possible, is even more beautiful.


Manuela celebrated its first 40 years last January. Time passes but does not seem to scratch the surface of minimante its charm.
L’Arcuri to the cocktail Horse was in good company. Not wanted to miss the fashion even Asia Argento, Nathalie Caldonazzo, Martina Stella, Roberto nirvana in madison with his wife and son and many, many others.

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