Nina Dobrev in a relationship with Glen Powell, it confirms ?

Then, in a couple or not couple ? If the mystery is still hovering on the nature of the feelings between Nina Dobrev and Glen Powell, the actor seems to confirm their romantic relationship…

                                         The doubt is still hovering on the sentimental life of Nina Dobrev. However, the more weeks pass, more confirmation seems to be obvious. If Nina Dobrev is embarrassed to be seen with Glen Powell, the two celebrities spend a great majority of their time together. On a visit to New York, the former actress of The Vampire Diaries has joined a gang of friends, including Glen Powell. But then, why don't they want to formalize their relationship ? We know the beautiful Nina Dobrev is rather subtle, and she wished to keep her love life for her. But now, new images of Glen Powell speak for themselves...</p>                                            <figure><figcaption>Nina Dobrev is currently in the Bahamas</figcaption>  </figure><p>Everything leads us to believe that Nina Dobrev and Glen Powell does leave more ! If we had seen them very close and pretty accomplices on a night out with Julianne Hough, this new detail seems to trump the rumors about them. Yes, as you know, the death of his cat, Lynx, Nina Dobrev has adopted a small dog, Mrs Maverick, that she has not left her. While she is currently traveling to the Bahamas to work on a new landmark project, it is Glen Powell, who takes care of the small pet. There is no doubt that the pretty brunette would not have entrusted Mrs Maverick to anyone. So is this the confirmation that we were all expecting ? Nina Dobrev and Glen Powell-are they really a couple ? Only the future will tell us !

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