Patricia Kaas nearby Emmanuel Macron “It is a mess, this is horrible “

Patricia Kaas nearby Emmanuel Macron “It is a mess, this is horrible” 16/06/2017 at 20:58 If there is one thing that Patricia Kaas regrets, this is living in front of the Elysée palace, the overprotected since that France has been targeted by several terrorist attacks.

“It is a mess, this is horrible, we can’t do a thing, you cannot move, it is corralled behind barriers, I am surprotégée since they closed down the rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré. Taxis do not pass “, said the singer, according to the statements relayed by

“Well, I can still carry my suitcase, but it’s still painful “, she said, to the effect that from 20 hours to process, once the police have closed the gates, pedestrians do not pass.

And continue : “So if you invite someone to a drink, if you do not leave the name, no password. And I’m sorry, but this is your privacy, you not want the world to know who comes and who share home with you.”

“As I am a personality, people jasent “, regretted Patricia Kaas, who has not voted.
“I know that this is not good, but I would not go to vote,” announced she.

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