Patrick Bruel and his new girlfriend ” instead of cocooning “, according to Closer

Patrick Bruel and his new girlfriend “rather cocooning” according to Closer 16/06/2017 at 20:04 According to Closer, the young woman who shared the life of Patrick Bruel, would spend a good part of his time in the house of the singer.

The sentimental life of the artist, age 58, is the question this week in the pages of Closer says so engaged since the spring in a romantic relationship with a certain Pauline, a pretty dentist 25 years.

Since their supposed strike of lightning, the claimant ” would often of the time in the house of Patrick Bruel at Neuilly-sur-seine, in western paris “, believes the weekly people, often very well informed.
They would be on a very regular basis, ” but do go out together that very little “.

“Instead of cocooning, these two here,” says the magazine.

According to Closer, it reveals a few photos, the couple had said ” goodbye to the home of the singer last June 10 “. Some photos have also been unveiled.

“Pauline has chosen to take transportation Uber, while Patrick went out solo at Roland-Garros, porte d’auteuil, to attend the extraordinary final lady.”

The so-called lover would as soon ” as the schedule of the singer allows “, it is claimed.

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