Photos of the day : Chevrolet Camaro SS 396

From the first vintage in 1967, Chevrolet introduced packs of options on the Camaro, the eternal american rival the Ford Mustang. The SS is a special variant that had a V8 396 325 hp. A model in very good condition surprised here in an underground car park.

Two years after the launch of the Ford Mustang, and in response to evidence of its overwhelming success, Chevy decided to produce its own small sports coupe. The Camaro then adopt the all-new platform “F” of General Motors, who also served on the Pontiac Firebird. The success of the Camaro is immediate since it is positioned directly as the rival of the Mustang, as early as the end of the sixties.

At the beginning of the career of the Camaro, Chevrolet offers packages options : Rally Sport (RS), which gave the right to the grid full hiding the lights at the front, but also Super Sport (SS).

This option leads to an “upgrade” of the engine was a 396 ci (6.5 litres) of 325 hp, associated settings are chassis specific. Our model of the day is a 1968, rather rare, since the production of the SS 396 that year has not exceeded 27 000 copies.

By removing models that have been used on the track, those who have not survived because of the time and those who have been destroyed, one can imagine that there remain today very few SS 396 strictly original.

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