Putin criticized on live tv

He held the antenna for 3 h 56 hours without batting an eyelid. Even as he was being attacked directly by SMS. On Thursday, Vladimir Putin has given a rendez-vous television well-known in Russia : direct Line. An issue in which the principle is based on the live interaction between the president and the Russian citizens who call it. This is the fifteenth time Vladimir Putin is involved, he answered to 70 questions in the course of this edition.

Private life of the president, foreign policy, economic and social situation : the discussions focused on a variety of topics. More sensitive issues, such as the arrest of thousands of demonstrators in the beginning of the week, have not been mentioned. The questions were selected in the course of the evening in a call centre and adjacent to the tv studio where was the president. A presenter was in charge of the relay. But the device doesn’t stop there : there was also a banner on the screen, intended for the display of SMS messages sent in direct by the television viewers.

Several messages that are particularly critical have been published online as Vladimir Putin answered the phone. We were thus able to read “Three presidential terms, it is enough !” or ” When will you violate the Constitution ? “. An SMS message also contained a reference to the opponent Alexei Nalvany : “do you Know that he is in the process of making a film on you ? ”

The next presidential election will take place on 11 march in Russia, but Vladimir Putin is still refusing to announce whether it will.

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