Supporters : the charter soon put in place by the LFP ?

Didier Quillot, president of the League, spoke on the place for fans and ultras for next season, including for travel.

“The smoke grenades are still banned. This will be the zero-tolerance. Point.” Interviewed by RMC on Thursday evening, Didier Quillot has not deflected on the question of smoke, which the supporters used mass to animate the stands.

Hazard will stay at Chelsea

If the League president expresses “regret” about the travel ban of some supporters, he said he is confident for the relations of the next few months. “We worked with the Ministry of the interior to establish a charter of movements of supporters. This will result in fewer prohibitions on the part of the prefects.”

This famous charter of good conduct has been initiated in the middle of the season and has already been sent to the Ministry and to the clubs to make changes, if necessary. “It is necessary to enclose the away supporters, who must be able to move. There are, however, constraints of public order. The League is not responsible because we create the conditions so that the football remains a spectacle.”

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