Susanna messaggio against Malena: ‘We want a beautiful psychiatrist’

Susanna’s Message in tv, in The Cage Open on La7 attacks Malena and goes against the former falls, the famous porn star. We talk about pornography, clearly. For Malena there is nothing wrong with that, for she comes to work, does not think so of the presenter 54.

Malena on tv attacked by Susanna Message to ‘Cage Open’ on La7

Guianluigi Comparison and asked theactress pugliese of the possible dangers of porn. “I do it as a profession, I don’t see absolutely dangerous. I don’t think I do anyone any harm”, says Malena. Susanna Message, she also among the guests goes against the recommended one psychiatrist.

“Do not do evil to anyone, if not to yourself, because it takes a good psychiatrist for this girl: missing values and is a type of profession that you need to try to understand. Because a girl brava, respectable, has a job, you must choose this job?”, replies, Susanna messaggio.

The 54-year old is against pornography and recommends her to a psychiatrist

Not only recommends one psychiatrist, In his be against Malena Susanna Message adds: “I’m Not a bacchettona, but at the most mature, and old-fashioned. Because a girl brava, respectable, with a job needs to do porn? There are the hardships the family, there is anaffettività, because sex, unfortunately, you can’t do this with anyone, and cannot be a profession”.

The call-and-response continues. “Pornography exists in a different time, a trade is quite old. Rocco is raised to a national hero and a woman cannot?”, stresses Malena.

The apulian replies, but the presenter does not leave much space for

“If a woman is a real woman, not pornography. Does not exist. Bad values and problems of inaffettività. You did not respect yourself. Respect of itself brings respect to the other. In your place, I would go to a good psychiatrist and I would ask: why do I have a serious job and I have to go take a crap with one that doesn’t know who he is? But that job is? You can’t. A woman who has respect for herself, can’t do a job as well”, so Susanna messaggio.

The Message reiterates his thought with great clarity

Now I am always attacked me and it slips all on him. I do not feel I hurt myself, because no one forces me to do this work”, he admits smiling Malena. “And this is serious – he insists the Message – I don’t think you can go home happy. This is not pornography, it’s detour to something that makes no sense. The women who make pornography can also be intelligent, but they have particular disorders. The Italian man, however, wants a woman that is not all. Want to the mystery, doesn’t make a family with a woman with these problems“.

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