Sylvie Vartan “a new love story” according to France Sunday

Sylvie Vartan “a new love story” according to France Sunday 16/06/2017 at 19:00 Sylvie Vartan is in the spotlight in France Sunday that evokes ” a new love story with Julien “.

The ex of Johnny Hallyday is a new time in the spotlight in the weekly people, which evokes a ” love story with Julien “.

The Julian in question is Julien Doré.

“Him, Julien Doré, 34 years old, she, Sylvie Vartan, 72… An age difference, that did not prevent them to leave together at the end of the world and to live significant moments.

It has remained since the 60’s icon, the undisputed of yé-yé, this time joyful and carefree, where a band of young people full of enthusiasm déhanchaient of its lively rhythms. But much more than a star of the past time, Sylvie Vartan was able to remain in the hearts of his fans, a friend’s distant, but still present, which it always wishes to have news… and good if possible ! “says the publication, which does not feed to the final of the romantic relationship but speaks of their collaboration for the purposes of a title written by Julien Doré” Blue Sun “.

It was during a trip to Tokyo that the author ” has proposed to the star of the interpretation with it “, an adventure which made him say in Paris : “Until then I had just songs from it, on the radio, in my parents’ home. And I met someone very engaging. She has a child-like enthusiasm, a vital need to sing “.
And “France Sunday” to explain that “difficult, in reading his words, not to think about the words that think of the duo as Sylvie was training with Johnny in I have a problem and to the words of this song resonate in our ears :” if not p

as really love, ( … ), there it looks like. No.”

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