Takata : finally, this will be the bankruptcy filing

This is the epilogue of one of the biggest scandals of the automotive industry. It was of the scale but its cost was also an abyss. He has hit a brand created in 1933 and held 20 % of the world market for belts and airbags. It is of Takata, including the ruling family has weathered more than its engulfment. But the bankruptcy filing will take place and at the end of this month. This was one of the flagships of japanese industry is going to make weapons to an oem american controlled by a chinese.

A conclusion that will certainly not laugh at the Japan, but at the same time, the case, which began in 2014, is both serious and dramatic. According to the us authorities, the company would have, for over a decade, would have concealed the existence of a major defect in its airbags, which could explode unexpectedly in projecting the fragments on the driver or the passenger.

Result ? Nearly 100 million airbags have been the subject of a callback that is passed down to the posterity in its scale unparalleled in automotive history. But also at least sixteen dead, including eleven in the United States, which were identified after the explosion of the defective parts.

Since, the debts of Takata, 60% of whose shares belong to the founding family, amounted to more than 8 billion euros. A billion dollar fine has been imposed in the United States. The bankruptcy filing was therefore almost inevitable, more especially as it was claimed by the car manufacturers, or customers that have had to split huge recalls of their models.

The main activities of Takata, will be transferred to a new entity. Key Safety Systems, a supplier to u.s.-controlled by the chinese Ningbo Joyson Electronic, will be in the lead. The Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE) announced in the wake of the suspension of transactions on the title, pending clarification of the group’s share.

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