Technip and the secret plan of Venezuela to help Syria sell its oil

With its white sand beaches, its colorful houses and its refinery giant, the caribbean island of Aruba – off the coast of Venezuela – all in order to appear in the background of a spy novel. A novel in which two rogue States, Venezuela and Syria, have been able to be the main protagonists.

The reality goes beyond the fiction, a survey of Bloomberg revealed at the end of may that the two countries considered infréquentables by a part of the international community had sealed a secret agreement in order to commercialize the syrian oil despite the embargo. The scenario, which was imagined as early as 2012, provided for out of the gross through a screen company in russia and the refine to Aruba where he would have been mixed with the oil of venezuela in order to commercialize the fuel in service stations in the united states, including.

In spite of the ideological struggle between the United States to the bolivarian Republic of Nicolás Maduro, heir policy of Chávez, the United States remains the largest buyer of oil in venezuela.

Donation of 500 000 dollars for Trump

It is besides focusing on the main donations that benefited the president Trump that elected officials and journalists have discovered the pot aux roses. Citgo, the us subsidiary of the State company of Caracas, venezuela Petróleos de Venezuela SA (PDVSA) and backbone of the scheme of “exfiltration” of the crude to the syrian, was paid in January of $ 500,000 for the festivities of the inauguration of the presidency, Trump, more than the oil Shell or the heavy weight of the distribution Walmart.

After the revelations from Bloomberg, which is based on dozens of e-mails and interviews, the refinery in Aruba was at the heart of the secret plan devised by Caracas and Damascus. If the scenario has not been finally implemented, the renovation of the refinery, it, has been launched by Citgo. According to the information of the it is the French group Technip, which won the end of 2016 (just before the merger with the american FMC) in the tender for the rehabilitation of the site of Aruba closed in 2012. A market that is so open and has been won after the machiavellian plan was devised. It is not known, however, whether it was still relevant or programmed at the time it was stale.

Obscure companies venezuelan

For Technip, in any case, it is a market with 700 million dollars that was won by a joint venture between the giant parapétrolier French to two obscure companies venezuelan : Tecnoconsult and Y&V. Technip was aware of the key role that should play the refinery in Aruba in the scheme discussed by the Syrians and the Venezuelans ? Interviewed, Christophe Bélorgeot, the communication director of the group, ensures ” that the company is not aware of anything “. The spokesman says even ” hear for the first time in this case.” On the phone, he adds that ” the group has obviously not comment on it. We are only engineers in this project. ”

It must be said that the business does not need a new scandal and prefers to keep a low-profile. Although the merger “among equals” of Technip and FMC Technologies seems clearly turn to the advantage of the Americans, with a non-negligible risk of relocation of main governing bodies, the officials remain discreet around the loss to France of a company of the CAC 40. A discretion that the group also grows about an old dispute inherited from the French, and not stated in its annual reports, the united arab Emirates. There, its former local partner accuses him of not having paid commissions and claims it.

Palm trees of the caribbean to the deserts of the arabian Gulf, passing by the syrian conflict, the oil may be scarce, it remains the subject of unlikely scenarios…

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