Test the Amazon Fire 7 (2017), is still the best tablet under 100€ ?

At first glance, the edition 2017 of the tablet Fire 7 Amazon appears identical to the previous model. It would have been a few developments according to the giant of e-commerce. The changes, although subtle, would involve the self-review up and the IPS panel of 1024×600 pixels, which would be more contrasting. Of the incremental, therefore, for this tablet is very affordable (70€), which remains probably the best choice in this price segment. Because if it will not be very demanding, and she always does pretty well the job.

In detail, it weighs 20 grams less than the Fire of 2015 and it is thinner by one millimeter. The grip of the tablet is comfortable in portrait or landscape mode and the coupling is honest. The plastic used for the shell is questionable, if it doesn’t crack, it seems as light as the price of the tablet, and crumbles a little under the pressure of the fingers. The slot for microSD memory cards is still present on the slice and can now manage up to 256 Gb of storage. The tablet is compatible with Wi-Fi dual-band 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz.

The front and rear cameras have not changed and fall into the anecdotal, just good for troubleshooting. These cameras have however the merit to exist. He’ll have to accept a definition VGA façade worthy of the last century to the Skype conversations. On the back, with the 2 megapixel camera, is not much better.

Note that if the operating system is Fire OS of Amazon is based on a core Android, our small tablet is not compatible with the Google Play Store. If the ecosystem of the Amazon, via the App Shop is, logically, less and it starts to expand, Amazon claims 500 000 apps on its store. For those who feel a little cramped it will be possible to make a jailbreak from the Fire 7 to open it to Android and add Google Play.

The performance of the Fire 7 are passable. With its quad-core 1.3 Ghz and Gb of RAM, this is not a lightning war, but we have not found slow is crippling and its touch screen is shown instead of reactive. The tablet will do the job on common uses : web browsing, streaming video, music, ebook. It is better to avoid having too many applications open in the background.

The small games will turn smoothly but it will struggle with titles more expensive in 3D, not possible, for example, to load Asphalt 8 : Airborne. If the processor is the same as before, Amazon claims to have worked on the software optimization to improve its performance and consumption. Result, 1 hours earned with a battery life of 8 hours in mixed use.

The developments at the level of the display quality are quite subtle. The black levels have been slightly improved so that the images and videos stand out a bit more, and that the texts are a tad sharper. However, the definition remains basic and the image quality is inferior to the Fire HD 8. This last will cost 110 euros and offers as a bonus a much better. The two tablets have always so hard to control the reflections of light and the slab of this Fire 7 is too bright.

It will always be difficult to find a better proposition at this price. This is especially true for subscribers of Amazon Prime, which benefit from a strong VoD offering, included in their subscription. The Fire 7 remains the benchmark for tablets less than 100 €.

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