The French market of power saved by Renault, Tesla and BMW in may

With nearly 2,000 registrations in the last month, registrations of electric vehicles in France continue their progress exclusively through the sales of Renault, Tesla and BMW, but the market share remains stable in the face of the thermal engines and hybrid.

The star of power in France still remains the Renault Zoe. With a battery life increased significantly in the latest ZE40, she knows since the beginning of the year a renewed interest in important. 1 230 copies have found a buyer last month, an increase of 30.2 % compared to may 2016, which allows him to grant not less than 68.3% of the total market ! Despite his rates to be elitist, the american brand Tesla continues its progress in registering 104 vehicles in may, to + 181,1 %, with 63 Model S and 41 Model X. Then comes BMW , whose i3 has evolved in the same way that the Zoe at the end of last year, receiving a new battery to the highest capacity, its sales following a similar trend, with a + about 153.6 %. A figure is spectacular, but on a tiny volume, with 71 registrations. Finally, note the arrival on the market of Hyundai with its Ioniq, electric , including 45 models have been sold, and Bee Bee, a French brand which has registered 2 XS.

Behind these good students are, however, many cancres. As well the Nissan Leaf, second from the market collapses of 39.2 %, to 251 copies, Peugeot and its iOn of -12,3 % to 57 units, Citroen and its C-Zero and e-Mehari – 56,2 %, with 53 units, Volkswagen with its e-Golf and e-Up! to 7.7% and 48 units, Kia and its Soul EV to – 51,3 % and 39 units and finally Mitsubishi and its i-Miev to – 33.3%, and 6 units. About Bolloré, Mercedes and Smart, it is a zero-pointed to the last month.

By combining increases and decreases, registrations French electric vehicle will increase from 4.2% to 1 906 units in may, but on a market total of + 8.9% in the same period, the percentage of penetration is stagnating at 1.00 %, compared to 1.04% last year.

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