The MSN or the DNA of the Barca, that must make Valverde ?

The new coach will certainly be forced to make a choice between these two possibilities : the DNA catalan or the trio Messi-Neymar-Suarez ?

This is the question that Luis Enrique is very likely laid in 2014 at the time, when Luis Suarez came to join with the likes of Lionel Messi and Neymar to form a trio which has since passed to the Barca’s supporters by all the states : should the priority be given the raw talent of the three players compared to a collective, a game model inscribed in the DNA of the club for decades ? In the past, the coaches of Barça, whether it is Johan Cruyff, Frank Rijkaard or Pep Guardiola, have all had under their direction a player of a higher dimension, an element that was in need of a great freedom of action in order to express its full potential. Ronaldinho was one of those people, as, a little later, Messi. However, the problem was different for Luis Enrique, who had three players of a unique calibre, with Suarez, Neymar and Messi.

Barca, PSG, Inter and the new shirts of the biggest clubs in europe

In fact, he had to opt for the solution seeming to him the more judicieuce : tapping into the talents of Suarez and Neymar, assisted by Messi in gradually abandoning the DNA of Barca. Marked by the loss of Xavi, Alves, as well as certain irregularities of Iniesta or Busquets, the Barca has experienced a season 2016-2017 concluded by a Cup of the King as the only trophy notable, then, that he dreamed of la Liga and champions League, group memberships of the Real Madrid of Zinedine Zidane. Also reliable can it be, the MSN, which is the attack the most efficient of the planet, has not been sufficient in Europe as well as in Spain in the season just past. In the Face of an opponent as serene and well as Juventus Turin, she was not able to find the flaw in 180 minutes in front of a defence which has however shown some of the flaws glaring against Real Madrid in the final of the champions League in Cardiff (4-1). The impact of sids is very important in statistics (three consecutive seasons with over 100 goals in all competitions), and it should not be ignored but it would seem, in view of his earlier statements, that Ernesto Valverde wants to establish a balance very important based on the history of the Barça, in keeping with a DNA forgotten.

“The weight of the MSN is important, but the team needs to be balanced”

Thus, on the 1st of June last, at his press conference, Valverde gave some clues about its possible way of looking at things from the side of the Camp Nou. The former coach of the Athlétic Bilbao, who has always been able to adapt to his players in the past, aspire to repeat Barca’s a team dominating with the ball in his feet, a group who assumes his desire to possess the ball. “I have to adapt to the style and game club, of the team for so long, which has brought titles. The game of Barça is going through a great team game, especially in the middle, multiply the combinations. We want to have control of the game. The game the Barça has always been based on a great collective spirit, in attack as in defence. The weight of the MSN is important, but I know that the team needs to be balanced. The key is to be together, the collective”, was-t-he particular, on the recurring question of style, of identity.

If his statements may appear to be very smooth and as agreed, his speech was substantially similar in an interview to So Foot in 2013. “For me, as a coach, it is a type that needs to find a balance in order to operate all the workings of his machine. Once found, it is up to the players to give the best of themselves. With or without trims leg, whatever, as long as they understood that they were part of a whole, they can express themselves, according to me, more freely. The notion of collective flange not a player, on the contrary, I rather tend to believe that it is precisely this that allows him to express himself better on the field.” The teams of technician are always characterized by a dry-cleaning service is very important, which it will probably be necessary to add a job in recovery at the Camp Nou. And it is this cleaning firm, who, regardless of the choice of Valverde, should determine the face the Barça 2017-2018. If the native of Viandar de la Vera manages to convince his group of the benefit that may result from this axis, then the possibility of seeing a team more competitive will be very important. Player talent is the most important on the planet, Messi also believes that a good organization is essential in order to be successful as a group.

It has been observed that the dependence of fc Barcelona to Lionel Messi was monumental, giving the distinct impression that the set of Luis Enrique, his game plan, focused on the miracles that his number 10 could perform at a very high frequency. While it seems to give great importance to the collective, the whole global rather than players in isolation, Valverde will he forsake Messi a certain weight in the creation ? The technician could renew its scheme favorite, a 4-2-3-1. Even if, as always, it will be necessary to focus on the animation and not the blackboard. In any case, the decision of Valverde, whatever it may be, will have enormous implications on the season for Barça. After attending the coronation of Real Madrid of Zidane, the catalan club has a coat of arms to burnish, ambitions to assert. The Camp Nou could well be in for a season of the most intriguing.

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