Video presentation – the Volkswagen Polo 6 in details

It has now city the name. The sixth and new generation of Volkswagen Polo is gaining in size and is now recognized as the most inviting on the market. The ant does not stop in so good way since it offers a level of sophistication never before attained on the segment. Full review of the Polo 6.

With more than 14 million units sold in the world in four decades, the Polo, and it takes place on the second step of the podium of the best selling Volkswagen on the Old Continent, behind the Golf. The timing of the renewal is almost perfect for Volkswagen who pulls out just after its main rival on the Old Continent, the Renault Clio 4 restyled (sales leader) and the new generation of Ford Fiesta.

        <p> For this sixth generation, the Polo has the right to the platform MQB A0, born with the new Seat Ibiza and that will be the basis for next small group, the Skoda Fabia and Audi A1. As a result, it is of the greatest Polo ever built by the manufacturer in 40 years of career : 4, 05 m. It is mainly the wheelbase (+53 mm) progressing to offer rear seat passengers the best space for your legs in the category. The luggage also benefit with a boot volume increasing (+21 liters), which is among the references of the market with 351 litres to the sides of the new Seat Ibiza (355 litres). It should be noted that the 3-door body, too expensive to produce and too little asked by the customer, disappears from the catalogue.</p>  <figure><img src="" alt="Présentation vidéo - la Volkswagen Polo 6 en détails" />   </figure> <figure><img src="" alt="Présentation vidéo - la Volkswagen Polo 6 en détails" />   </figure>   <p>Aesthetically affiliation with its predecessor and the family Volkswagen remains (too) close and always with the idea of not impacting the residual value of the previous generation, and especially do not mark a too big break. The new design is marked by a protruding edge that goes around the drum, a hood, plunging him with a "moustache" in body color at the end and optics that may be Full LED.</p>  <figure><img src="" alt="Présentation vidéo - la Volkswagen Polo 6 en détails" />   </figure> <figure><img src="" alt="Présentation vidéo - la Volkswagen Polo 6 en détails" />   </figure>   <p> This is the edge that the contrast is most striking. The atmosphere is a little more relaxed than usual, especially with this dashboard that is unique and customizable with different packs. What you will need to especially remember this sixth-generation, it is the arrival of the " Active Info Display ". In other words, instrumentation is totally digital, which can display navigation, driving information, etc, And that comes directly out of the upper segment as the driving aids the following - monitoring with emergency braking in the city and pedestrian detection (std), adaptive cruise control, detection of dead angles with wizard "to exit parking lot, braking function parking, and a closure system and start without a key "Keyless Access" - that make their appearance on the Polo 6.</p>  <figure><img src="" alt="Présentation vidéo - la Volkswagen Polo 6 en détails" />   </figure> <figure><img src="" alt="Présentation vidéo - la Volkswagen Polo 6 en détails" />   </figure>   <p>The city happens to be sold on our market in three trim levels : "Trendline ", "Comfortline" and " Highline ", to which is added the special edition "Beats" equipped with an audio system specific, not to mention the more sporty of the range, the GTi version, which will be equipped with a 2.0 TSi 200 hp. Volkswagen also enriches the catalogue of customization, with 14 exterior colors, 12 different models of rims, 13 different decors for the dashboard, 2 colour interior, and 11 upholstery different.</p>  <figure><img src="" alt="L'espace aux places arrière est le meilleur de la catégorie." /> <figcaption>The rear-seat space is the best of the category.</figcaption>  </figure> <figure><img src="" alt="Le volume de coffre (351 litres) s'approche du record." /> <figcaption>The boot capacity (351 litres) is approaching the record.</figcaption>  </figure>   <p>In parallel, the multimedia system is changing with different screen sizes ranging from 6.5 to 8.0". As on the Golf course. The best of the category at the present time. This last benefits of a new feature connected called " WePark ". It is a payment parking online. The Polo detects a free parking space (car parks, equipped with GPS and automatically displays the price. The driver indicates the start time and end time of parking with a payment dematerialized. The proper implementation of this system requires that all the conditions are met. In other words, that the parking lot is connected and that the place is really free, not like in some car parks where the space is marked free so that the car next door spilling out of the place. We therefore remain sceptical as to its real relevance. </p>  <figure><img src="" alt="Présentation vidéo - la Volkswagen Polo 6 en détails" />   </figure> <figure><img src="" alt="Présentation vidéo - la Volkswagen Polo 6 en détails" />   </figure>   <p>The catalog of engines comprises five petrol engines, with entry-level 1.0 MPI (65 hp). The highly efficient 1.0 TSi will be extended in two power levels, 95 and 115 hp. The two will be compatible with a box car DSG7, as well as the new 1.5 TSI Evo 150 hp to deactivation of the cylinders, from the Golf course. In diesel, the Polo leaves the 3 cylinders and back to the good old 4 cylinder. It will be the 1.6 TDI 80 and 95 ch. In Germany, the ant may be equipped with a natural gas engine, the 1.0 TGI of 90 ch.</p> <figure><img src="" alt="Présentation vidéo - la Volkswagen Polo 6 en détails" />  </figure><p>The rates for France have not yet been released, but we know already that the new Polo will be marketed in Germany from 12 975 €. The Volkswagen Polo 6 will arrive in France in the month of October.

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