After l'fire of London, Elizabeth II calls for the'unit

Elizabeth II, on Saturday called for unity after a fire in the tower Grenfell who has made at least thirty dead, in the midst of controversy about the reaction of the First minister Theresa May accused of not having taken the measure of the drama. “This day is traditionally a day of celebration,” said the sovereign in a message to your unusual then the site of the celebrations for his 91st birthday. “But this year, it is difficult not to feel the very dark national mood “, she says, by inviting the British to draw on their own resources, in their history, to respond to the “succession of terrible tragedies” of the last month: three bloody attacks and the burning of the tower Grenfell in London.

“When it is put to the test, and the United Kingdom shows to be determined in the face of adversity,” writes the very popular sovereign, who has watched Saturday morning a minute of silence in tribute to the victims. “United in our grief, we are also, without fear or favour, in the support we provide to all those who are rebuilding their lives. “The queen was made Friday at the bedside of the victims of the fire, which has ravaged in the night from Tuesday to Wednesday, a building of social housing to the west of the british capital.

“The story of two leaders “

The image of Elizabeth II talking with gravity, with members of the local community offers a striking contrast with the reaction to Theresa May who, after being made up on Thursday without meeting the population is returned the next day to the jeers and shouts. “The story of two leaders “, noted Saturday, the Daily Mirror by publishing a the two pictures, while the Times pointed out that the First minister had to be surrounded by a strong police protection during his trip.

The fire, whose origin still remains unknown, killed at least thirty dead, according to a balance sheet is still provisional. Nearly six hundred people were living in effect in this building of one hundred and twenty apartments, and, according to the british media, seventy people would miss the call. According to the public health service NHS, the ten, nine were still hospitalized, ten of which are in a critical state. Some victims may never be identified, fear the authorities, because of the heat generated by the blaze.

“Theresa May, it is time to go “

Friday, survivors of the fire, relatives of victims and members of the local community have left explode an anger that had been brewing for several days by invading the town hall of Kensington and Chelsea (west London), where is the tower. “We demand justice “, ” Shame on you “, ” Killers “, have been launched by protesters, before slogans for the First minister Theresa May, it is time to go “) do not punctuate a walk through the streets of the neighborhood.

The protesters accuse the local authorities of not having heard their cries of warning concerning the safety of the building twenty-four floors, because they were a majority population of modest. Many of them have stated that there were no emergency exits, no fire extinguishers, no fire alarms. The lining installed last year on the frontage would, in addition, favored the spread of the fire.

May ” profoundly affected “

In the Face of the distress of the residents, Theresa May has promised that light would be shed on the causes of the fire and announced the release of 5 million pounds, as well as a housing for all the victims in the three weeks. Friday evening, she repeated that she was “deeply affected” by the stories “terrifying” of the survivors. Not enough for a party of the british press.

“A leader who was afraid to meet his fellow citizens is finished,” launched the daily newspaper the Guardian in an editorial, relentless. Referring to the tower, Grenfell, and his grim facade burned, the newspaper believed that this ” fall in the sky will be for ever the monument of Theresa May “. Comment ” unjust “, according to the deputy First minister Damian Green, who said Saturday on the BBC that the government would quickly be responsible for conducting the investigation.

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