Ben Jelloun – The state of Qatar, a country in need ?

The ministry of foreign Affairs of Morocco, we learn that, on the instructions of king Mohammed VI, planeloads of food have been sent to the State of Qatar. This fits into the tradition of solidarity and mutual help among the muslim peoples, especially during the holy month of ramadan. The current crisis between Qatar and mainly thesaudi Arabia has had the effect of isolating this country. But is he so much in need ? Morocco, which had refused to take sides in this matter and has offered its good offices to reach a quick solution, marks something of a point : coming to the rescue of a country much richer than him ; to follow the muslim tradition of helping those who are in need.

On aura tout vu ! Qatar is in need ! The situation had to be the result of a competition of humorous burlesque in these months where the heat in the Gulf is particularly high. Those who can testify, and workers are immigrants from Pakistan, Egypt, Indonesia and other muslim countries-working in spite of the heat wave.

The Qatar, the State rich, never ceased to make him talk since he set out to acquire high-value goods across Europe. Palaces, mansions, apartment buildings, penthouse, football teams, areas where to invest, in short, he has spent billions in a few years not only to enrich, but also to prevent what might one day happen to this country weakened by its vicinity tumultuous with saudi Arabia. But it is hard to imagine that it is in the state of miss of food products.

Some States are more comfortable in conflict than in harmony

It is fun to see the Morocco, the country, are rather modest, come to the rescue of a Gulf State. I don’t know how the emir of Qatar will react. Thanks or cautious silence ? The fact is that all trade was stopped between saudi Arabia and the countries that followed it (Egypt, Bahrain, the united arab Emirates). Its all-news channel Al Jazeera no longer issues in these countries.

If the gesture moroccan surprise, the concern as well of Morocco and France is normal. All that divides the Arabs should seriously worry the arab leaders. But it seems that some States are more at ease in the conflict, the tear, the provocation in harmony and cooperation. Behind this crisis, saudi Arabia seeks Iran, erected, especially since the visit of Donald Trump, such as the intimate enemy. The war is brutal and incomprehensible that lead the Saudis against the shiite populations in Yemen is part of this strategy fight against the other side of islam, shi’ism.

But to accuse Qatar of supporting terrorism is a bad joke. Everyone knows that Daech has been, in any case in its infancy, armed, assisted, funded by private fortunes as well qataries as saudi arabian. All of this is pathetic. Morocco has done well to observe an attitude of benevolent neutrality in this conflict, inter-arab.

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