BlaBlaCar offers summer trips for just 5 €

The leader of the carpooling invites drivers to offer during their course of summer a up to 5 €, even on the distant destinations, in order to make the holidays accessible to all.

The asset number 1 of the carpool, it is of course the price of the trips. The clientele, mostly young adults, took advantage of tariffs much more interesting than the train or plane. The formula is win-win, since it allows drivers to reduce their budget auto.

For drivers, there is a financial interest, but it is also an act of citizen. BlaBlaCar, the leading ridesharing, indicates that nearly 60 % of drivers “feel useful to society by helping other people to move”. The deals enable some people to reach destinations they couldn’t know see with the means of transportation traditional.

BlaBlaCar has decided to go further by launching operation “VaVacances”, to allow people less well-off leaving on your vacation this summer. From Monday 19 June, rides will be offered for only 5 €. It will thus be possible for this sum to make a Paris-Nantes, a journey that costs usually average 25 €.

BlaBlaCar, therefore, invites its drivers to offer a place to 5 € in their car in order to give a boost solidarity”. On the latter, the company will not debit costs of the relationship. The driver will be able to apply a normal rate on the rest of the seats in his vehicle.

The giant car pool said that it is “a strong commitment” because the operation takes place during a peak of activity. In the summer, there is an increase in the use of the application of 50% compared to the rest of the year. This summer, BlaBlaCar is expected to cross the milestone of 10 million seats offered for ridesharing.

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