Blue, Cantona attack openly Deschamps

Eric Cantona has sliced into the heart by targeting openly with the coach habs through a new tirade on Eurosport.

“Accountant, influenza-under”. The last video of Eric Cantona, a consultant for Eurosport, is going to make talking. The former striker of Manchester United does not take gloves when it comes to gauging the current coach of the Blues.

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The former striker emblematic of the Red Devils is not in the lace and a clear appeal to Zinedine Zidane to leave the Real Madrid to take charge of the Blues immediately :

“The amount of raw talent and the potential of the team of France is just insane. But why all this talent is not on the field when it really counts. It is really mind-boggling. A great coach is judged on his ability to find a tactics system where its top players can express themselves all together. You will not have it if you are directed by an accountant influenza-under rather than a visionary. Zizou, Zizou come back. Your country needs you”, was confined to the consultant ofEurosport in his usual style.

In an interview with RMC, Noël Le Graët, the president of the FFF, had recently launched a clear message to Zidane. The cacique habs can already see Zizou on the bench of the Blue : “It is a logical consequence, it is likely that one day, he aspires to”. A message heard by Cantona. But he was by Zizou ?

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