Carla Bruni defends Melania Trump after the release of her nude photos

Carla Bruni defends Melania Trump after the release of her nude photos 17/06/2017 at 19:00 Carla Bruni came to the rescue of Melania Trump, the target of attacks after the release of her nude photos.

This week, the former first lady was interviewed by The Daily Beast, opportunity to come back especially on old naked photos of the wife of Donald Trump, published during the campaign of the us presidential election.

And the wife of Nicolas Sarkozy made a parallel with his own naked pictures dating back to the 90s.

“It was very different because I was already very well known with my modeling career and my first album, recalled the former queen of the catwalks before continuing :” When I got married, the whole world has become crazy.”

“I am of French and Italian, so for me, to make nude photos artistic is not a problem. I’ve never been ashamed. These photos were taken when I was 20 years old, before having children, so I said ” Ca va, I’m good.”

“And then I don’t have a body too sexy. I’ve always been very thin with a look of a teenager, my photos have never been like those of Playboy. It was art nudes done by great photographers, ” says Carla Bruni, before discussing the photos of Melania Trump believed that those have nothing to outrageous.

“What is this is that this scandal ? For me, morality is to be a good person, I don’t see any immorality to be naked. I see the immorality in wickedness, deception and lies. This is the immorality. Not to be a cute girl and pose nude “,

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