Enora Malagré, after TPMP, soon a career in politics ?

Enora Malagré, after TPMP, soon a career in politics ? 17/06/2017 at 9:14 A few weeks after his departure from TPMP on C8, where she officiated in the capacity of columnist, Enora Malagré is awash in projects, and even in the political field.

” No one spoke much the same language, “she says in Ozap, where she was questioned about her departure from TPMP before discussing the hoax supposed to homophobic to Cyril Hanouna . I want to have laughed at something that wasn’t funny, which can be likened to the homophobia of ordinary. On Monday, I was scheduled on the plateau, I made part of the speech that I wanted to have. Then I was cancelled an hour before show time. I don’t know why.”

“Being a columnist in” TPMP “, this is not a simple one. I want to propose something else, I’m evolving, ” says the blonde to the fiery temperament, who took the opportunity to confide on his or her future projects.

“I was confident of not having any sign of person, I have lots of phone calls. I can’t say more, but I have a nice proposal that I hope will some day, to return to what I am, what I forgot that I was and what I am deeply. Nothing is done, I have appointments, I do not loose anything. I get job interviews, where I put on a nice shirt and express myself properly. The job I have in mind, I want it absolutely, I’ll do anything to get there. ” she says.

Enora Malagré acknowledges also be interested in the policy, where it intends to defend “two or three fights,” which hold a special place in my heart.

“It can germinate (…) It can be also locally. I am located in the 19th arrondissement of Paris, there may be things to do, ” says she.

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