Florent Pagny confirmed for The Voice 7

Florent Pagny confirmed for The Voice 7 17/06/2017 at 15:30 After Here, Florent Pagny has already signed for a 7th season, while other coaches are not safe to re-enlist for another season.

The Taulier of the show, which is since 2012 the unanimity with of the housewife and the professional, has already signed for a 7th season. But then what about Zazie and Mika ? For the moment, the issue remains unresolved, it negotiates dry, but nothing is yet played for the two jurors, ” reports Here.

Last week already, the magazine ensured that Florent Pagny was the only one juror to feel comfortable in The Voice 6
Here is claimed that the atmosphere on the plateau étaut execrable.

“The jurors are not directed to the word. There is no collusion between them, it is striking. Zazie, for example, never speaks to M. Pokora,” know this source who speaks on condition of anonymity.

It is claimed on this occasion that the prime of The Voice often gives rise to the ” long monologues, technical assessors, where each is trying to spread its science, but are often annoying for the viewer “.
Only Florent Pagny, “the taulier of the issue seems to be at ease “. According to an informed source about to be cited by the last, Behold, the singer is “the quiet strength” of this program.

“To be there or not, he cares. It does the job and breaks, ” says this source.

Others, however, cling to their seat, ” juror and pull the cover at two.” “They all want to re-enlist. They are afraid of the syndrome Jenifer who, after she has left the show no longer does anything good, ” he said.

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