For 16 million d'the Americans, the chocolate milk comes from cows brown

The information is not going to improve the image of Americans, often described as little cultivated. A poll spotted by the Washington Post and conducted by the Innovation Center of Us Dairy reveals that 7 % of adult americans think that the chocolate milk straight from the udder of cows brown. Logic ! Some 16.4 million adults may be unaware of the recipe is very basic (milk, cocoa, and sugar) this product is very popular with children.

The situation is no surprise, however, not the everyday american, who sees it as the result of a deficit of education on the matter. “For decades, observers of the agriculture, nutrition and education complain that many Americans are illiterate in agriculture, says the Washington Post. They don’t know where grows their food, how it arrives in the store, or even, in the case of milk chocolate, what’s in there. “

The burger ? Beef ?

Several studies have already in the past demonstrated the abysmal ignorance of Americans on the food plan. In the 90s, a study by the department of Agriculture found that one in five adults did not know that their iconic burger was made with beef… Many of them have never seen food outside the supermarket or restaurant, and are well worth the link to animals or plants seen in nature.

In another study, a majority of adults declared that the vegetable that they consumed the most was… the fries. And many of them expressed surprise when we explained that the fries were actually potatoes. For those who are wondering : no, French fries do not count toward the five fruits and vegetables per day recommended for a balanced diet.

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