Hector Bellerin will make a donation to the victims of the Grenfell Tower

The player of Arsenal, currently with Spain for the Euro U21 has decided to make a gesture for the victims of the fire of the Grenfell Tower.

It is a nice gesture that we should see more often. Hector Bellerin, player of Arsenal has decided, following the fire that ravaged the Grenfell Tower in London, to make a donation to the victims of the disaster.

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Hector Bellerin makes a particular choice for his donation. It will give 50 pounds for each minute that he will play during the Euro U21. If the player plays every minute of the matches of his team and that Spain reached the final, the sum of accumulated gains could reach 22 500£.
The right side of the Arsenal announced the news on Twitter : “For every minute that I will play in the Euro U21 I will give 50£ to the victims of the Grenfell Tower”.

Hector Bellerin is the first player to have reacted with Raheem Sterling, the player from City, who also intends to donate a large sum to the victims. Other celebrity English football are required to provide their support. This is the case of Marvin Morgan, who organizes a game for charity Friday to bring together 10 000£ in order to give to an association.

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