How Real Madrid will play without Cristiano Ronaldo ?

With or without recruits summer, how Real Madrid will play without Cristiano Ronaldo ? The response with tactical schemes…

How Real Madrid will play without Cristiano Ronaldo?

A week ago, the question was not even. But now, this question is posed with acuity, combined with a sense of urgency for leaders Real Madrid.

Remains to deter the striker Portuguese or be prepared to do without as soon as the season prohaine. With or without the recruits…

All transfers formalized


The base of the team and its balance will remain intact with Toni Kroos, Luka Modric and Casemiro for the balance of the eleven and the support of the attackers.

Karim Benzema should keep his place despite critics who assail to any counter-performance due to a nonchalant style. Its performance remains unmatched, however.

Isco has been this season, impressive in its capcité to support Benzema and Ronaldo. Ronaldo, meanwhile, could be replaced digitally by Gareth Bale.

It would be very curious to see a team with both Bale and isco in the ranks of the holders, with the power of the Welsh, and his speed coupled with the technique and vision of the Andalusian.

Under contract until 2021 with Real for a salary of 50 million euros a year, Ronaldo would make Real a club even richer in the case of departure. Madrid would invest certainly heavily to compensate for such a scenario. Why not on Kylian Mbappé ?


Mbappe at Madrid GFX

If the backbone of the club wouldn’t budge, the speed of Mbappé should offer plenty of tactical opportunities to Real. A change position for position with Ronaldo could be possible ludiquement, but what do you do with Isco, who has shown himself worthy to be entrusted with the leads of the attacks in madrid this season ?

The Spaniard can also play behind two strikers (a doublette French in this case : Benzema and Mbappé), and the options will always be too many for Zidane.

But for now, this possible departure of Cristiano Ronaldo raises more question than it solves.

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