Jane Birkin a victim of a serious malaise at Laurent Ruquier

Jane Birkin a victim of a serious malaise at Laurent Ruquier 17/06/2017 at 10:16 During his recent stint in “It is not lying “, the emission of Laurent Ruquier on France 2, Jane Birkin would have been a victim of a malaise.

Just bailed after a leukemia, the singer would have collapsed during his recent stint in ONPC.
According to France Sunday, the star would have been a discomfort before his entry on the board.

“Very alarmed, Laurent Ruquier was immediately asked if there was a doctor in the room. In vain, the moderator immediately called the rescue services, which usually are never very far from the place of registration. But unfortunately, this time, the firefighters would be made to wait.

The anguish was palpable, “around the lifeless body” of the singer.

The sequence broadcast in It is not lying would have been turned a half-hour after her discomfort.
Very active on social networks, Laurent Ruquier has not commented on this information.

That night, Jane Birkin had come to present his latest album ” Birkin Gainsbourg symphony “.
For the occasion, the singer confirmed that after more than 40 years of experience, she continues to be concerned as much of the spotlight.

The one who won his battle against leukemia concern is always the television.
For the household, his relatives informed him of his appointment at the last minute.

“When people tap you on your hand, saying : ‘It’s going to be okay’, I say to myself : ‘It looks like the hospital and it seems like it is going to be open !’ There is panic, you have no idea of the sleepless nights, last night, ” confessed she.

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