Johnny Hallyday, his return on stage mobilizes the crowds ?

Johnny Hallyday, his return on stage mobilizes the crowds ? 17/06/2017 at 21:00 Despite his cancer, the return of Johnny Hallyday on stage with The Old Scoundrels do would involve not the crowds.

In spite of the cancer against which he fought since last October, Johnny Hallyday does not engage the mobs.
It was thought that the tour of the Old Rogues, the group of Johnny Hallyday form with
Eddie Mitchell and Jacques Dutronc was going to play to a sold-out, but there would be nothing.

For the first concert of the group in Lille on 10 June, thousands of seats had not found a taker, ” says the Voice of the North.

“However, if this series of concerts had been a great commercial success, the tour 2017 appears to start much more gently. Two hours from the arrival on stage of the stars, a few thousand seats were still available. The laggards have their chance, provided they accept to pay from 136 to 235 € ” said the Voice of the North.
The places most dear and close to the scene are believed to have been empty that night.

However, it is not a commercial failure. There are more than 80 percent of the population.

Guest in C the autotrader a few days ago, Benjamin Locoge of Paris Match has confirmed this information, regretting the prohibitive price of tickets.
But the tour is a good deal for 3 stars, each paid € 150,000 by date.

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