KJ Apa (Riverdale), the actor, the sexiest of the year ?

While the filming of season 2 of Riverdale will start soon, its main performer, KJ Apa, could well be the sexiest cast member of the year !

                                         A bomb ! This is what the press people american keeps repeating when it comes to KJ Apa. Revealed by the series of The CW Riverdale, the actor of 20 years is what is commonly called the new sensation of the moment. Keneti James Fitzgerald "KJ" Apa", his real name is, in fact, everything that Hollywood loves and reveres : young, beautiful, smiling and new in the business. And then you said there is little that Tyler Posey from Teen Wolf is a little more cool that KJ Apa, the latter could quickly reverse the trend. In fact, now that the general public has spotted, he should not delay to win contracts at the cinema. And american journalists are actively lobbying for this to happen as soon as possible !</p>                                              <p>In fact, Cosmpolitan was recently reference to all the times where the performer Archie Andrews was "ridiculously sexy". All of this taking obviously for example his photos posted on Instagram. Addicted to pictures, the young man often shows the bare-chested to the delight of his fans. And if KJ Apa is no surprise that more funny than Cole Sprouse, co-star of Riverdale, KJ is also poised to become the star of the american channel The CW. Recently accused of fat shaming, the actor was in fact launched in a great deal of communication and conquest that has paid off as his fans did not hesitate for a single moment before laying with him when he went to Paris a few days ago.</p>    <p>And as if that wasn't enough, KJ Apa, who revealed how he made his scar on the forehead, is already part of the lists of celebrities in the most sexy of 2017 and the young actors of 2017 to keep close track of of IMDb. There hoped that the production of Riverdale will decide to show it more often shirtless in the season 2, there is only a step that one wants to cross. Because on Twitter and Tumblr, the GIFs of the actor share, in effect, at speed large V. In the meantime of knowing what will happen to Archie Andrews in the new episodes of Riverdale, do not hesitate for a single moment, and follow KJ Apa Instagram ! Council of friends. And you, what do you think of KJ Apa ? 

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