Miley Cyrus : We know, finally, where does her passion for costumes !

The american singer, who has literally transformed had a real passion for costumes. But why did it take so dressing up ? We finally have the answer.

                                         There is one thing we know for sure to this day, it is that Miley Cyrus is more popular on the web since its metamorphosis. The young singer of 24 years will soon reach a new record on social networks, the 70-million followers on Instagram. It must be said that the interpreter of BB Talk has recently swapped her trashy attitude, to become a little good girl, which extends ever. Since Miley are in a relationship more serious with australian actor Liam Hemsworth, finished the overflow, the photos daring and provocation. We repeat, Miley is a star row in the sober look ! But all the same, it is not clear all the parts of his past in a snap of the finger, and it sometimes happens that his side sulphur will re-emerge.</p>                                            <p>A little while ago, Miley Cyrus unveiled details of her sex life with Liam Hemsworth, enough to make laugh the visitors. But today, there is no question of intimacy in bed, but rather to discover why the american star enjoyed as much playing dress-up. Invited on the set of The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Miley Cyrus has entrusted its recent transformation, but also its past and very colourful. "Remember the last time I dressed up as a rabbit, and then a cat. There is a reason for this : I was under the influence. I want to be really sober, because am so passionate about this record and I love it so much to save. This album is the most important thing that I have done and I want to make sure to be really clear when I'm talking about." she said. You will have understood it, if the star loved all the dressing up, it's because she abused a little too much of some illicit substances... And the drug, it is evil ! What do you think of the declarations of Miley Cyrus ? 

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