Photos of the day : Dodge Viper START (Spa Classic)

You’re not dreaming, this Dodge Viper START has been a surprise at the Spa Classic, an event bringing together cars sports historical of many brands. The american is therefore a collector’s item today, a self made young people dream in the 90’s during endurance races.

If you have like me been a little young in the 90’s, then you have probably dreamed in front of the beasts of the endurance race of the time. Far away from the current prototypes all very impersonal in terms of style, we had a right, in this decade, the real myths. And in the lower grades, this was also the case, particularly with Chrysler , which, since 1995, introduces the Viper GTS-R in competition.

A car equipped with the famous V10 8.4 atmospheric, slightly modified for the occasion in order to undergo the stress of long hours at the track. Let us also remember that the Viper GTS-R was very popular with French riders, such as the team Labre or the family Belmondo, with the son, Paul.

The team Oreca has done a few moments of glory with an american who remains today as one of the top-down spiritual of the Shelby Cobra. It is what it is. And as a bonus, the template “calendar” is a relatively reliable and not really a complex maintenance, so long as you feed them correctly the huge engine…

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