Rihanna ignores Chris Brown, he is furious

Chris Brown, it is in the past for Rihanna ! The singer has snubbed her ex, and it did not please him…

                                         With its titles recently released Wild Thoughts and Loyalty, it would seem that Rihanna has become the queen of featurings ! The singer originally from Barbados multiplies the hits as a duo, but level personal life it seems that she is determined to stay solo. And it does not please at all with Chris Brown ! In Welcome To My Life, the documentary dedicated to him, the singer said he was to ask Rihanna in marriage in 2009. But one remembers that it was during this year that Chris Brown had violently hit Rihanna, an act which had put an end to their history, and had been brought before the courts. And if we are to believe a source to the site Hollywood Life, today Chris Brown would be determined to win back his ex ! Except that Rihanna does not want to hear any more from him...</p>                                           <figure><figcaption>The couple has long hidden its problems</figcaption> </figure> <p>Indeed, if, for years, the singer has remained deeply in love with his ex, it would seem that it is a thing of the past for her. This is what says the source : "Chris wanted to get a reaction from Rihanna, it was his goal when he announced to the world that he wanted to ask her for marriage at the time. It's been a while that he was trying to attract his attention, and it doesn't work so he moved to the serious stuff. And it's still not working. Rihanna has neither called, nor texté, nothing. He is disappointed. He hoped for something to happen". It would seem that it is also time for Chris Brown to go ahead ! Rihanna, who has set a new record with Love On The Brain, does not seem to want to return... What do you think of this rumor ? 

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