Rob Kardashian : Kris Jenner declares war on Committee Chyna for the guard of Dream !

Nothing goes between Kris Jenner and Committee Chyna ! The mother of Rob Kardashian has decided to relaunch the procedure to obtain sole custody of her little girl Dream.

                                         Since that Committee Chyna is separated from Rob Kardashian, she enjoys her single life. Yes, after having lived a romance with the father of her daughter, the pretty brunette has decided to put an end to it. No more dramas and other disputes, the bimbo prefers to live her life as she sees fit. Therefore, it is with her children that she spends most of her time. Recently at Disneyland, the little family had so much fun in the amusement park. An afternoon of fun that the followers of the star of TV-reality have been able to follow on the social networks. Suffice to say that everything seems to be going well in the life of the young woman. Besides, she might even have found a boyfriend if you believe the rumors on the web. But then she looks happier than ever, Committee Chyna risk to be confronted to a new problem...</p>                                            <p>While Kris Jenner is afraid for the future of her family, she decided to take things in hand for Rob Kardashian. If you believe the site Celebrity Insider, the momager didn't hesitate to hire many lawyers to get sole custody of her granddaughter. A source close to the clan revealed that the business woman of 61 years old is in the process of everything to ensure that his son spends the most time possible with Dream. "Kris will not let Chyna get away with it. She will do anything to keep him away and let the Dream of Rob. Kris has a lot of other resources in addition to its lawyers. She knows that Chyna search the celebrity and that she could threaten her family by revealing the secrets but it keeps the control," explains the tipster. Suffice to say that the atmosphere is likely to be tense between Committee Chyna and the clan Kardashian. In any case, it is a matter that we will follow closely ! And you, what do you think ? 

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