Seven american sailors missing after a collision at sea, Japan

It is an accident rather unusual that occurred off the coast of Japan, in the night from Friday to Saturday. The japanese coast guard are looking for seven american sailors missing after a collision at night between a destroyer of the u.s. navy and a merchant ship in the philippines. The accident involving the USS Fitzgerald and the ACX Crystal occurred at about 2: 30 a.m., local time, while the destroyer operated at approximately 56 nautical miles south-west of the japanese city of Yokosuka, had clarified earlier the Pacific Fleet, american.

The commanding officer of the Fitzgerald at the time of the accident, Bryce Benson, was injured in the collision, along with two other sailors, was stated by the us navy in a press release. “Two other sailors, in addition to the officer in command, were the subject of a medical evacuation” to the naval hospital u.s. Yokosuka ” for wounds and bruises “, says the text, which confirms that “the seven sailors are missing” and that the japanese coast guard continue their search to find “. These have indicated that they have been notified by a call from the freighter at 2: 25 a.m. the shock occurred at 12 nautical miles from the peninsula of Izu. “We are currently looking for the missing persons,” said a spokesman.

A dangerous area

The maritime traffic is very dense in this area close to the major container ports of Yokohoma and Tokyo. “There has been in the area of accidents in the past,” said the head of the coast guard Yutaka Saito to the public tv channel NHK. The causes of the accident had still not been able to be determined Saturday in the middle of the afternoon, but NHK said that the container 222 metres long, had made a sharp turn around from the time when it happened. The coast guard dispatched five boats, two aircraft and a rescue team in the area. The destroyer USS Dewey (DDG 105), medical assistance and two tugs of the united states navy have been sent to the area. The air force of the navy is also ready to help.

Images of the tv channel NHK, japan show that the destroyer has taken on water, and that its right side is heavily damaged. “The USS Fitzgerald has been damaged on its starboard side above and below the waterline. The collision has caused an entry of water, ” said the Pacific Fleet. It always works with its own engine, ” but its propulsion is limited “. The military vessel, piloted by tugs, was headed for Yokosuka, in Tokyo bay. Launched in the mid-1990s, this building is 154 meters long and a gross tonnage of about 9,000 tons at full load, depends on the basis of Yokosuka, south of the cities of Yokohama and Tokyo, and operates in the Pacific as well as in the sea of Japan. He had been deployed during the war in Iraq in 2003.

“My daughter is on the Fitzgerald “

The ACX Crystal is a container of 222 meters long, according to the sites of vessel monitoring, was en route to Tokyo. This ship is operating under the flag of the philippines, but identified as belonging to the giant marine japanese NYK Line. Her crew consisted of 20 men, none of whom was injured, said the coast guard stating that the vessel, the damage seemed to be light on the images of japanese tv, was on the way back to a port of Tokyo.

“My daughter is on the Fitzgerald,” wrote a parent on the page Facebook of the 7th Fleet. “I worry a lot. I just need to hear that she is safe and sound. I think of all our sailors and their families ! ! “In a statement released on Twitter, the commander-in-chief of naval operations for the u.s., admiral John Richardson has written :” as we get information, we will not fail to share with the families. “” All of our thoughts and concerns go out to the crew of the Fitzgerald and their families. “

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